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11th Jan 2014

Her Girl Crush… Eleven Reasons We Love And Adore Emma Thompson

We thought we could bring you another girl crush with the lovely Golden Globe presenters Tina Fey and Amy Poehler but given the emotional exchange between Emma Thompson and Meryl Streep at a recent award ceremony, we thought we would focus on another legend. Here are eleven reasons we love and adore Emma Thompson.

1. She wrote Sense and Sensibility.

Ok well not the actual book, but Thompson wrote the screenplay for the Ang Lee film which starred herself, Hugh Grant, Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman. Of course, the script is brilliant and picked up the Oscar for best screenplay in 1995.

2. She can write in general.

Thompson is literally an all-rounder. She began her career working as a comedian and damn, can she write well. So well in fact that Will Smith and Jay Z wanted her to write an adaptation of Annie. Well, we know that.

3. She’s just bloody charming.

Thompson has just got bags and bags of charm. Whenever she accepts an award, gives an interview or is just spotted out and about, she is just a joy.

4. She can ACT!

Of course, we know that you know this but we just needed to draw your attention to the below. Again.

5. This Jonathan Ross clip.

She’s the funniest lady around. Skinny dipping? Not a problem.

6. The Hayley Atwell Dinner

Apparently, Thompson threw a dinner for Hayley Atwell while they working on Brideshead Revisited. When she enquired why Hayley wasn’t eating any of the food, she told Thompson that she had been put on a diet. Emma apparently threw a fit and told the producers she would pull out unless they told Hayley she could eat what she wanted.

7. This Graham Norton show appearance.


8. This Quote

This is how everyone should look at their life.

“Sometimes you’ll have some things, and sometimes you’ll have other things. And you do not need it all at once; it’s not good for you.”

9. Harry Potter

That is all.

10. THAT Love Actually scene.

Acting at its best.

11. That exchange between Emma and Meryl.

Meryl presented the award to Emma Thompson for Best Actress at the National Board of Review Awards. Her speech was simply epic, the moment between them was touching. Here is just a snippet.

So now, “An Ode to Emma, Or What Emma is Owed”:
We think the Brits are brittle, they think that we are mush
They are more sentimental, though we do tend to gush
Volcanoes of emotion concealed beneath that lip
Where we are prone to guzzle, they tip the cup and sip
But when eruption bubbles from nowhere near the brain
It’s seismic, granite crumbles, the heart overflows like rain
Like lava, all that feeling melts down like Oscar gold
And Emma leaves us reeling, a knockout, truth be told
Ladies and gentlemen, the entirely splendid Emma Thompson.

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