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10th Jul 2024

Daisy Edgar Jones said the cutest thing about her friendship with Paul Mescal

Kat O'Connor

Daisy Edgar Jones met Paul Mescal when she was 20

Daisy Edgar Jones and Paul Mescal met on the Normal People set in 2019 and remained close ever since.

The show made them both household names but 2024 is the year that’ll make them both true Hollywood stars. Mescal is set to star in Gladiator II, his biggest project to date, and Daisy Edgar Jones landed a lead role in the blockbuster of the summer, Twisters.

Despite their rising stars and immense fame, the duo have remained close since their Normal People days.

Speaking about her friendship with Mescal, the English actress said he will be in her life forever.

She told Variety, “Paul is one of my lifetime best friends. He’s an incredibly grounded person and I am too, I think.

“It’s nice to be able to have those touchstones and those people you can laugh about it with and be lighthearted with.

“Paul is one of my lifetime best friends”

“We met when I was 20 and Paul was 22; I’m so excited to see where we’ll be at 32, 42, and what life will bring us.”

The friends have often been hit with relationship rumours, but it’s something they’ve handled with grace.

Mescal and Jones have remained close since wrapping on Normal People with the All Of Strangers star reuniting with her at Glastonbury.

Fans of the pair were approaching them at the festival to gush about the impact Normal People had on their lives.

Daisy added, “Like at Glasto, the thing that I was recognized for the most is [“Normal People”] still, and usually people just say, “It meant so much to me.”

“The thing I love people saying the most is, “It made me contact my ex.” Especially when much older people say, “I just wanted to reach out to the person I was with when I was 17 just to say you were a big part of my history and thanks for being part of who I am, the tapestry of my life.” And that I really love, because I’m a massive romantic.”