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03rd Nov 2019

‘Come on, it’s 2019’ Molly-Mae Hague is getting slammed for her Halloween costume


Denise Curtin

And the comments keep coming.

Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague is getting dragged online for her choice of Halloween costume.

The 20-year-old dressed up as Cleopatra for Halloween, featuring pieces that mimicked the Egyptian headpiece and staff that were worn by rulers, gods, and pharaohs of the time to symbolise their importance and separate them from the common people.

But, the costume has not been received well as fans have called it a “new low” to think it was acceptable to mock someone’s culture.


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“I’m so surprised / disappointed that you can still get away with doing stuff like this these days… girl you look stunning but this is a really bad move. Cultural appropriation and severe lack of privilege awareness,” one fan wrote.

Another joined in on the conversation by saying:

“Dressing in other folks traditional dress is not nor ever was costume. In fact, it’s pretty insulting.”

However, others are standing by the PrettyLittleThing ambassador’s choice of costume saying it’s perfectly acceptable.

“Cleopatra was Macedonian for all those claiming this is cultural appropriation as Molly is not Egyptian. It’s irrelevant. Pretty sure none of you are cats but doesn’t stop you dressing up as one for Halloween.”

Molly-Mae hasn’t responded to any comments about her costume however, the star has remained on social media, posting as normal and choosing to ignore the backlash.