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09th May 2017

Colin Farrell has been telling everyone about his ‘retro bush’

Yeah, you read that correctly.

Our own Colin Farrell appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week and decided to use the opportunity to tell the show’s four million viewers about a curious incident involving his pubes.

In fairness, Farrell was being a good sport and taking part in a segment where stars tell embarrassing stories to raise money for charity.

His contribution? A manscaping tale that took place just before he performed his first sex scene in a movie.

While filming for Joel Schumacher’s Tigerland, Farrell became concerned that his down there hair was perhaps a little… overgrown for movie audiences.

“I was very nervous as I’d never done a sex scene,” Colin told Ellen. “I went up to the director, Joel Schumacher, and had a dressing gown on and nothing underneath.

“I was obviously so nervous I lost my mind for a second, and opened my dressing gown and said, ‘Is this a bit… is it a bit…’ – because I had, like most men, what you could refer to as a retro bush – and Joel the director kind of went, ‘Oh…’ So I said, ‘I’ll trim it!'”

His solution? Colin popped over to the hair and make-up trailer, nabbed himself a beard trimmer and got to work…

“I was nervous! I trimmed the right side a little bit, then obviously had to match it and trimmed the left, but overshot the mark a little bit. Had to get back in, approach the right again, overshot that,” he explained.

“At this stage I was sweating. Went back in and re approached the landing strip on the left, then I looked down and had a little landing strip. Lovely little landing strip.”

So did he get his money shot? Sadly not. “I didn’t get my full frontal after all!” Colin sobbed to a bemused Ellen.

Watch the hilarity go down here: