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20th Oct 2016

Victoria Beckham has announced a very surprising collaboration

Cassie Delaney

Back when the Spice Girls ruled planet earth, Posh Spice had some questionable outfit choices. Somehow, VB turned it around and is now synonymous with style, class and sophistication.

Victoria launched her own fashion label in 2008 and by 2011 it was a firm fixture of Fashion Week worldwide. By 2011, she had launched a slightly lower-priced Victoria by Victoria Beckham but in general, her attire was aimed at the more affluent of this world.

So it has greatly surprised many plebeians (me) this morning that the designer has announced a collection with Target.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram, Vicky tweeted the collaboration.

A release from Target gleefully announces that the line will include Victoria’s first foray into childrenswear.

“Victoria Beckham for Target includes more than 200 items for women and kids, marking the designer’s first foray into designing childrenswear, something that Target just so happens to excel in. The collection reflects the essence of the Victoria, Victoria Beckham line, with easy-to-wear dresses, rompers and playful tops and bottoms for women, and corresponding styles for girls, toddler and baby.”

Speaking about the collection Victoria said:

“Designing for children is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so I was incredibly excited to be able to incorporate childrenswear into this collection. When working on it, I really felt I could tell a story and have fun with it—and I think the clothes reflect just how much fun I had designing them! Being a mother has helped me understand what’s important when it comes to the category. I have had years of learning that function is often just as important as form, and that children need to be able to feel comfortable and free in what they wear. For me it was really all about finding a balance between the fun elements and the real-life functionality of a garment.”

Speaking about the unexpected collaboration with Target, Victoria said:

“For a while now, I have been thinking how great it would be to work on clothes for a customer that either doesn’t want to pay or can’t pay designer prices. I loved the idea of opening the brand up to a wider audience and being able to share my vision with a broader customer base. So when Target—a company based on accessibility and inclusiveness—proposed a collaboration which combined all of these things, it was an easy decision to make. I have always said that the best way for me to learn about new areas is to work with an expert in that field. In order to do something well, you need to surround yourself with the right people, and the Target team members have been the right people for me. It has been such a pleasure working with their team. What they have provided me with is a really unique opportunity to connect with families across the U.S. I’m so excited for the months ahead, and for everyone to see a collection that I am really proud of.”

Victoria Beckham for Target ranges in price from $6-$70 (€5 – €64) with most items under $40 (approx. €37), and will be offered in sizes XS-3X for women and NB-XL for girls, toddler and baby. The collection will be available April 9 through April 30, 2017, or while supplies last.