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18th Jul 2019

Peel off foundation is here to cure all of your acne woes

peel off off foundation


I have been very lucky in terms of my skin.

While I do suffer from dryness and the odd blemish – I have never had to endure acne.

And trust me, I know how lucky I am.

I’ve seen friends and family go through it, and it really is the worst.

Thankfully, we live in a time where there are so many different lotions and potions that can help achieve clear skin.

My most recent discovery? Peel off foundation that acts as a barrier between your face and your makeup.

Imagine that hideous scene from The Witches when your wan peels her face off… it’s kind of like that!

Real Skin Patch by Not4You creates a barrier, so your skin and makeup don’t touch.

Perfection for those of you who struggle with acne and break outs.

peel off foundation

It can also be worn alone, without makeup, to protect skin against pollution and other external aggressors.

So if you spend a couple of hours a day on public transport – this might be for you hun.

OH and the best part?

You literally never have to use a makeup wipe again – because this allows you to literally peel off your entire face of cosmetics.

I’m yet to try this baby out, but I actually think I will – and get back to you with some freakish images of me peeling my face off.

I’ll let you know!