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28th Feb 2020

Brides to be, this Monsoon dress would be perfect for the day after your wedding

For a few years there, it was pretty much assumed that any wedding you were invited to involved a day two. Why contain the fun to one Big Day, when the party could last an entire weekend?

In my circle, however, second days at weddings are something of a divisive issue.

Some people relish the idea of spending as much time as possible celebrating with family and friends – especially in cases when guests have travelled from abroad. And undoubtedly for the actual couple getting married, a day two offers them a chance to relax, enjoy themselves and properly chat to everyone over a few drinks.

For others, a day two can be a bit of a slog if you’ve gone big the night before. Plus, weddings are generally pricey enough, even when you’re just a guest, so an additional day can be a serious drain.

No matter whether you’re staying on for the full barbecue extravaganza or just seeing your guests off after breakfast, day two dressing is a consideration for every bride. You can’t really going from looking probably the best you ever will to a saggy old tracksuit the next day (although we equally applaud any woman who goes this route).

That’s why this new dress from Monsoon caught our eye. The buttoned broderie anglasie dress has a vibe that’s a little bit retro and a little but boho and, crucially, is the prefect level of dressed up/dressed down for a day two. We love the midi length and the ties on the sleeves, and the punched fabric – in white, natch – is just gorgeous.

Even though it has a relaxed vibe, the crispness of the fabric is guaranteed to make you look as fresh as a daisy, even if you were in the middle of the dance floor for a third playing of Maniac 2000 at 5am.

The Dolly Shiffley midi dress is €94 and will be available at the end of March from Monsoon stores and concessions, and on the company’s website. The cute raffia headband is also available, priced at €15.50, just in case you’re missing your veil.

It’s part of the brand’s new season collection, which has a sustainable ethos. Over 50 percent of the clothing in the spring/summer collection has been made using sustainable fabrics, including recycled polyester and organic cotton. That’s not just a one-off gesture, as Monsoon has pledged to be 90 percent sustainable by 2023.

Massive round of applause due for that.