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18th Mar 2019

This bride is making her friends ‘battle it out’ to be in her bridal party and it sounds outrageous

How is this real?

Denise Curtin

Let the Hunger Games commence.

There are bridezillas out there and then there’s this…

One bride who remains unnamed has revealed via a Reddit thread that she’s making her friends and family “battle it out” in order to be in her bridal party.

The woman in question, who is reportedly not even engaged yet, has drawn legal, yes, legal contracts for her friends and family willing to enter “the competition” to make it onto her bride squad.

The contracts are a binding agreement that if you make it into the party you MUST complete the required tasks as stated prior to signing on the dotted line.

So what does it all entail?

Well, according to Grazia, the thread explained that contestants must pass rounds and at the end of the rounds, there should be two bridesmaids left standing who will then be in the bride’s bridal party.

But once in the bridal party, the jobs don’t end there, oh no, according to the publication, the bridesmaids must: “Promise to host a party (must be couples) at a venue other than someone’s house”, give a gift of cash or check worth “at least $500 (€442)”, and give a gift on the day of the wedding worth at least at least $100 (€88) to name a few things.

The thread which has now been deleted was supposedly described as a “Bridal Party Brawl” by the bride’s sister with two groomsmen and one flower girl position also up for grabs in this outrageous game.

What was involved in each round… we’re still not sure but, one thing is certain, we cannot imagine a bridesmaid forking out this kind of cash, let alone a flower girl or a flower girl’s parents.

But according to Grazia, before the thread was deleted, the bride’s sister said that friends were happy to compete as they have similar demands for their own weddings.

Talk about madness.