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19th May 2016

This Irish student’s tea making guide is FANTASTICALLY detailed

We need one in the office immediately.

Tea is a serious business.

Everybody likes it differently, and it’s a tough thing to keep track of especially in a houseful of people or an office.

The way you like yours will never match up to the way your deskmate likes it, and makingĀ a cuppa wrong can leave a terrible impression. It’s a high-stakes game.

This is why this incredible Tea Chart from NUI Galway student Katie Quinn and her housemates is something we should all look into.

It goes into comprehensive detail on whether it should be weak/strong and the brand preferences for housemates and guests, and we applaud the considerate nature of these people.

We asked Katie where she got the genius idea:

“We had so many coming over and being typical Irish we always asked does anyone want tea. So with everyone saying yes and us giving the options of Lyons or Barry’s it began to get awful confusing with the different request of sugars etc. So we decided to make up a chart and everyone signed it with their preferences, we used it all the time and made everything so much easier. One person wasn’t a lover of tea (shocking, I know) so he put down Bulmers just he could put his name on it.”

We need more like you in the world.

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(via YouTube/Hat Trick)

Thanks to Katie Quinn for sending this into us on our Facebook page. If you have anything you’d like us to see, email us [email protected] or tweet us @herdotie.