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14th Jul 2013

Stay Home Shortcuts – Four Summer Beauty Buys that Every Woman Should Own

Four great buys to add to your summer beauty kit

Rebecca McKnight

Ditch the heavy slap but keep your groomed and gorgeous look with our top picks for summer beauty buys.


Barely there hair…

Your eyebrows frame your face, so it’s important to keep them in great shape, and a clean and neat shape is one of the fastest ways to look groomed even if you’re sporting the absolute minimum of slap. The Veet Face Precision Wax & Care, (€8.36 – Tesco),  with almond oil will help you keep those brows tamed, along with tackling any stray chin or upper lip hairs. As it is a wax product, the results are long-lasting too – so you’re not disturbing that delicate skin by over-plucking.


Feet fit for dancing…

Now the sun is shining, it truly is time to embrace our summer footwear warerobe and bring out the sandals and flip-flops. Because we so rarely get the chance, however, Irish women aren’t the best when it comes to looking after our feet, despite how well they look after us and how hard we work them. Nor are we as keen as our American friends on pedicures though, so try tackling the problem at home. The Scholl Express Pedi, (€49.99 – Boots), is an electric hard skin remover that’s the ideal home solution for getting your feet summer ready and smooth, no appointments required.


Eyes on the prize…

The longer evenings mean you’re sure to have many more after-work activity options with friends and colleagues keen to make the most of the summer sun. Long days in the office, however, can take their toll, and in the absence of a disco nap, your eyes can give the game away even when your mind is mad for play. If you’re looking tired, Optrex Eye Dazzling, (€4.83 – Boots), contains a clever blue ingredient which makes the whites of your eyes look even whiter, while also working to brighten your own natural eye colour.


Nailed it…

There are few things that make can make you feel grubby as quickly as unkempt nails. Skip the manicures this summer though, and instead create professional salon gel nails at home. We’ve out the Red Carpet Manicure system, (starter kit €65 –, to the text at home and were hugely impressed. The RCM creates salon-like looks that are ready in mere minutes, and which last for up to three weeks without chipping or peeling.