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19th Mar 2014

IN PICTURES: She’s a Real Life Mowgli – Parents Capture Daughter’s Friendships in Africa

Tippi takes on Africa... and wins.

If you had the choice to live like any Disney character who would you choose? For Tippi Degré, her childhood growing up in Namibia, Africa meant she experienced her childhood as a real-life Mowgli.

Growing up alongside wild animals like lions and elephants, her parents documented her experience of embracing her natural surroundings. From cuddling with cheetahs to hunting with local tribes people, Tippi proved she was at one with nature from an early age.

French girl Tippi was born in 1990, living in Namibia until she was 10 years old. She’s the daughter of French wildlife photographers and film makers Sylvie Robert and Alain Degré.

She’s now written a book about her adventures, Tippi: My Book of Africa, and believes she has the gift of talking to animals like they are brothers to her:

‘I speak to them with my mind, or through my eyes, my heart or my soul, and I see that they understand and answer me.’

We’re just a little jealous that we didn’t get to have a pet lion. We’re expecting the feature film on her life any day now.

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