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23rd May 2013

Fake Tan Thursday – L’Oréal Sublime Bronze

We’re putting tan to the test…

A light and subtle golden glow is something almost every Irish woman would love to be blessed with. Sadly, our complexion just doesn’t work like that… and so the great Irish love affair with fake tan lives on.

Formulas have come on in leaps and bounds since those early days when we all looked tangoed… admit it, you did. So, in our brand new feature we’ll be looking at different fake tan ranges every week and bringing you top tips on nailing that healthy glow.


Week 1 – L’Oréal Sublime Bronze


Express Pro Self-Tanning Dry Mist Dark Tan RRP €23.37

The ultra-wide diffuser spray is the big USP when it comes to this product. Closer to the professional spray tan system than any other home tan we’ve tried, once you master the spray system you’ve got a streak-free tan that doesn’t require rubbing in. The formula is non-tinted, and suitable for those who want a more pronounced colour.

If you struggle with the dark art of spray tanning, L’Oréal have provided beauty fans with this handy video to talk you through it.


One Day Glow Tinted & Shimmering Gel RRP €15.35

If you need a quick fix to last you one big day, then step up L’Oréal Sublime Bronze One Day Glow. This product contains golden particles for a luminous glow and natural colour. The non-sticky, non-greasy gel boasts a hydrating formula that smoothes the skins surface, and gives a golden glow that will last you all day, but comes off easily with soap and water, so no patchy stains that require a week of scrubbing!


Express Pro Summer Legs Self-Tanning Dry Mist RRP €15.35

Specially formulated for use on legs, which are finally starting to see the light of day after what feels like the longest winter and fake spring we’ve ever endured. The 75ml spray boasts the micro diffuser system, and again does not need to be rubbed in. Perfect for hiding small imperfections in the legs, your pins will be looking pretty when we finally see that sunshine.