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13th Apr 2017

There’s a furless Tickle Me Elmo and it’s terrifying the internet

Ah Elmo. The lovable Sesame Street character who makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Lucky for us we can almost have the real thing in the form of Tickle Me Elmo. The plush toy was released in 1996 by Tyco Toys and quickly became the must-have toy of the Nineties.

It still sells incredibly well and did we mention that it is ADORABLE.




Well if you’ve ever had a bit of a twisted mind and wondered what Elmo looked like without fur (you weirdo) you can be assured it’s all kinds of creepy.


Ever wondered what #ticklemeElmo looks like without fur ? #tinkering #takeapart @SciTechMuseum #summercamp #mymuseum2017


As you can imagine, people aren’t happy,


And we’ll never sleep again.