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02nd Jan 2018

Snapchat could be about to piss a lot of people off

snapchat ads

Please, no.

Since the introduction of Instagram Stories, Snapchat has struggled to keep a lot of their users onside.

These days, it seems like less and less people are sharing their lives on Snapchat and instead taking to the trusty gram to post their food pictures, SuperZooms, and 27 daily selfies.

They do have built in Boomerang, after all.

And now, it seems like Snapchat might be about to lose a whole lot more users if their next potential update becomes a reality.

Because Snapchat could be about to introduce unskippable ads before videos… and nobody likes unskippable ads before videos.

Ad Age has reported that the company are considering making their users watch three seconds of adverts before giving them the option to skip.

As it stands, ads do already exist on the platform but users are able to skip them whenever they want so they’re not really that noticeable.

A brand manager who works closely with the company said:

“Advertisers are not spending as much as they have previously with Snapchat.

“They have to do something that draws more interest from advertisers, and they are getting more aggressive to address the market’s needs.”

The manager also said that seeing as young people tend to be less engaged with ads, forcing them to watch them for three seconds is the only way to keep their attention “for longer periods of time.”

We just hope that the company manages to find some other way to keep people’s attention.