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15th Nov 2019

The Motorola Razr flip phone is coming back into our lives

Olivia Hayes

We all remember these babies, right?

Way back in 2006 we all wanted one. Whether it was a Christmas or a birthday present, we all popped them on the list because they were the coolest phones going.

It was around the same time the Sony Ericsson K800i and LG Chocolate phones became popular as well. Those phones are firmly in the mobile grave, however the Motorola Razr is making a comeback.

The new phone will be remarkably more modern with a 6.2 inch screen which folds together when closed. Yep, a screen that actually folds.

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Glenn Schultz, the firm’s head of product development, told BBC: “With the new Razr we had to rethink how to engineer a phone.

“Our zero-gap hinge allowed us to bring to market a device that folds completely in half. Many didn’t believe we could do it, but let me tell you, it’s fun to work on something that everyone thinks is impossible.”

The phone will first go on the market in the US on December 26, however it is not yet known when – or if – it will hit Ireland.

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