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07th Nov 2016

Gmail has finally added the button we’ve been crying out for

This is great news!

Whether it’s sending a ‘xo’ at the end of an email to your boss or forgetting to add an attachment at the end of one, we all wish we could take back something after it’s already been sent.

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Thankfully, Gmail has answered our prayers.

If you update your Gmail app for iOS you will now find an undo button appears after you send an email.

Instead of the email sending instantly, it gives you the option to cancel for a few seconds and once it is sent, you have 5 seconds to undo. So while you can undo it, you have to act pretty quickly.

Still even knowing it’s finally been added and having it there as a safety measure gives us peace of mind. It might come in handy next time you mess up an email.

This isn’t the only update the Gmail got, as it also made some changes to Google Calendar. You can now use iPhone’s Spotlight search within your calendar to easily find events, reminders and meetings without needing to open the Google Calendar app itself.