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13th Aug 2019

Zara has a new version of THAT bestselling €50 polka dot dress

If you're allergic to the white one...

Anna O'Rourke

What can we even say about that Zara dress anymore?

You know the one – it’s long and white with a polka dot print and looks super comfy.

It’s also super ubiquitous.


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The dress is the garment of the summer, one that we’ve worn on public transport public and on nights out; one that the media has despaired about and celebrated; one that’s earned its own viral Instagram page and one that by now is beginning to get a little tired.

It became a hit in part because it felt fresh and filled a gap no-one seemed to realise was in the market. Here was a summer dress that didn’t require hours of body hair removal and tanning but was still looked like something you’d see in a photo tagged as ‘Scandi street style’ on Pinterest. Lovely.

But, as was inevitable, the dress has come full circle and is now, well, kind of basic.

Still, Zara wants to ride the wave and who could blame it?

Cult pieces are don’t come along every day and in a tough climate for high street stores, the kind of traction this humble smock number  earned is invaluable to a brand.

And so the next iteration of the dress is here – in black.

There’s nothing different about this bar the colour but is set to be another bestseller.

The dress in only available in Australia so far and has already sold out in several sizes.

It’s set to launch on this side of the world soon so expect to see this IRL in the very near future.