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13th Mar 2019

YouTuber Olivia Jade is getting slammed online for reportedly bribing her way into prestigious college

She's in trouble.

Oh dear.

50 parents including Desperate Housewives Felicity Huffman and Fuller House’s Lori Loughlin are coming under fire for allegedly cheating their children’s way into elite schools.

Facing charges for the crime on Tuesday, Lori Loughlin was fined $500,000 for getting her two daughters, YouTuber, Olivia Jade and Isabella into the University of Southern California as fake rowing recruits.

The girls who didn’t partake in rowing while at the college had their parents bribe coaches and fake resumes to secure them a place without applying and receiving the correct SAT score like the rest of the country.


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The vlogger who is known to post about only attending college to “party”, is now getting blasted on social media for taking away another student’s place at the prestigious school.

“It’s disgusting that your parents tried to teach you that money and scamming people is the only way to get through life.”

“Learn to work hard to gain respect. It’s clear from your attitude that you never liked college. Don’t deprive others of a place.”

“You and your parents represent what is wrong with this country. The rich buying their way into future wealth. You whole family should be ashamed.”


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The comments have obviously been seen by the 19-year-old too, as she has turned off commenting on her recent pictures, causing people to take to older ones to voice their opinions.

Olivia Jade has yet to speak out on the recent news.