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01st Nov 2022

5 of the weirdest celebrity Halloween costumes this year

Weird trumps beautiful, every year.

It seems that with each passing year, celebrity Halloween costumes get more and more elaborate. It’s understandable. If we had the money to splash on stunning looks and rake in the Instagram likes, we absolutely would. This year, many celebrities stuck with pretty, and opted for gorgeous thoughtful outfits – Hailey Bieber, we’re looking at you in this stunning Yves Saint Laurent tribute – but some decided to channel the bizarre. And we’re here for it.

Here are five of the most weird and wonderful celebrity Halloween costumes from this year.

1. Heidi Klum as a worm

It’s the eternal question, isn’t it? Would you still love me if I were a worm? Hoping to get some answers, the famed supermodel took to the red carpet in this truly puzzling look.

2. Lizzo as Woo Wop

You may have seen the absolute delight that is emo kid Woo Wop on TikTok these days, and the one and only Lizzo decided to channel him as one of her three Halloween costumes. She even nailed his “Don’t talk to me, I’ll murder you,” line while out on a hike. Iconic.


@lizzoHiking with ✨Woo Wap✨

♬ suara asli – Everythings About Music – TRINZ STORE

3. Kendall Jenner as a sexy cucumber

We absolutely rinsed Kendall Jenner for not knowing how to cut a cucumber earlier this year, so this Halloween, the supermodel decided to lean in to the joke. Bonus points for completing the look with precariously held knife.

4. Chirshell and G-Flip as Chrishell and G-Flip

Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause and her partner musician G-Flip went as each other for Halloween, and nailed the look completely.

5. Amy Huberman as BOD taking the wrong dog home from the groomers

The Irish actress absolutely delighted us earlier this year when she revealed that her husband Brian O’Driscoll had brought the wrong dog home from the groomers. This Halloween, she immortalised that moment, and even borrowed a neighbour’s dog, to really pay homage.