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02nd Oct 2012

We Want To Be In The Barlow Style Brigade

He was once famously described as ‘the fat one' during his Take That days but Gary Barlow is getting better with age and it seems that his being picked as the ‘Over's’ mentor is the best thing that could ever happen to them.


Who better to lead the most un-popular and sartorially challenged bunch of X Factor hopefuls than the king of the comeback himself.

Gary is getting older, a touch balder (sorry Gaz) but he is in the best shape of his life, is by far the most style savvy judge on the X Factor panel and knows better than anyone what it takes to make it in the music business when the majority of people have written you off.

Gary could teach Irish men a thing or two about style

Forget One Direction’s wide eyed youth, Tulisa’s trashy dresses and that blonde hair, all eyes are on Gary and his troupe of more mature wannabe’s and we hope his magic touch (and the talent of his stylist, Luke Day, who is also Fashion Director at GQ Style) rubs off on the over’s. 

Move over One Direction, this is boy-band fashion at its best! 

Barlow’s Brigade:

Carolynne Poole, 32

Carolynne is hardly over the hill but her style choices have been questionable to date and we think she really needs to up her game to survive past the first couple of live shows. We’re very partial to a bit of leopard print but Carolynne needs to step away from the polyester and go for a more sophisticated look. We know she’s a little bit country but those cowboy boots she wore to meet Gary on the couches on Sunday night need to go! Fellow country star Taylor Swift is a great example of a singer who combines old-Hollywood glamour and retro styling to great effect. We believe in you Carolynne so get yourself made over asap!

Melanie Masson, 44

We love Mel’s fab curly hair and her boho-hippy vibe. With a little bit of tweaking (less denim and more luxe fabrics) and better accessories, Mel could be a real contender. At the moment, she’s still looking a bit mum on the school run/art teacher.

Kye Sones, 30

At 30, Kye is the youngest of the ‘Over’s’ and his look is nearly perfect. He just needs to lose that ring on his index finger and bin the Essex style friendship bracelets and look to Gary’s lack of accessorising as the way forward.



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