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23rd Jul 2012

Want to Know How to Revamp Your Wardrobe?

Do you have a pair of jeans that are too worn? Or perhaps a favourite top that is no longer in fashion? Don't throw them out, revamp them using our tips.

It can be frustrating when you are searching for something to wear but can’t find anything that fits or is different to what you’ve worn before.

Fear not ladies because we have five ways for you to take your wardrobe into your own hands and recycle or revamp your old clothes.

1. Layering – This is the easiest way to recycle old clothes. Vest tops that are now too small for you can be worn under better-fitting clothes. Clothes that are ripped are also great for layering as they help you to achieve that grungy effortless look. You may have to make a few more rips to make it look believable though. If the item is just too small or would involve you looking like an actual tramp but has a nice design or print on it, then save it and use it to customise something that does still fit you.

2. Cutting – Get the scissors out and cut away. Jeans that no longer fit can be made into shorts. Or if they have holes in them you can cut them up even more. Sleeves can also be taken off old t-shirts and as we’ve already said you can create a slit effect as well. Alternatively create a crop top and show off that tummy of yours. Try not to cut things too straight and feel free to rip them as well. The more authentic it looks the better. If all else fails use your scissors to turn the clothes into scarves, cloths or handkerchiefs. 

3. Dyeing – Dyeing old clothes is one of the best and funkiest ways of revamping them. Tie dye is great for creating shapes and effects on white or pale clothes. You can also paint your clothes using fabric paints and sprays. We would just be a little cautious when you are washing them as the last thing you want is to colour your good clothes by accident.

4. Adding – You can add all sorts of items and decorations to your clothes to make them look like a completely new piece. From badges to sequins to buttons to chains to pins to transfers, and the list goes on… Root around your cupboards and charity shops for unusual items that could turn an old piece of clothing into something quirky and unusual. Better still, nobody else will have a piece quite the same. And don’t confine yourself to clothes. Feel free to add these items to shoes as well if they need a new lease of life.

5. Sewing – The most effective and long-lasting way of recycling your clothes is learning how to sew. That way you can really discover your customising and recycling potential. You can put various fabrics together and don’t have to worry about your newly-created pieces falling apart on their first outing. If you don’t have a sewing machine, go retro by getting out the needle and thread.

So the next time you come across jeans that don’t fit or a top that has gotten ripped don’t go straight to the bin. Be imaginative, find inspiration and get creating a new wardrobe for yourself.