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27th Jun 2018

This €30 Zara dress is ideal for the scorching weather and it comes in two colours

Cathy Donohue

The sun is splitting the rocks this week and we aren’t exactly prepared for this glorious weather.

Although it’s fab if you can go to the beach and take advantage of how beautiful it is, it’s not quite as fun if you’re confined to the office.

Trying to stay cool in workwear isn’t the easiest of tasks but thankfully, there are a few bits on the high-street that will sort you out in next to no time.

We’re all about the basics because why spend the earth when Ireland isn’t exactly known for its sweltering temperatures and chances are it’ll be pouring rain this time next week.

One piece that will definitely work is Zara’s Knit Dress with Buttons which comes in two colours, black and white.

It’s comfy, stylish and the best bit has to be the fact that you can adjust the buttons to work with the weather…ideal.

This one is selling very quickly but we’re delighted to see that the ‘Coming Soon’ button features so if you want to get involved, you simply have to add your email and you’ll be notified once it arrives.

It’s also the perfect layering piece so you can wear into autumn/winter too and it can be mixed and matched with so many bits.

Black is probably the more sensible option but the white with gold buttons is so fab for summer. That’s it. we are sold…