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21st May 2019

These eco-friendly €49 trousers from Mango will replace your black jeans for summer

They're from the brand's new sustainable collection.
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Looking for summer pieces that will last you for years to come?

Check out the latest drop at Mango.

Lots of us are making the switch from our winter to our summer wardrobes right now and the temptation to go HAM buying loads of of cheap bits is strong.

This is exactly why we have drawers full of things we don’t wear so we’re resisting the urge and opting for a few classic staples that we’ll wear for longer.

Mango has just released its Committed Collection, a range of beautiful, eco-conscious pieces.


One you’ll come back to again and again is this pair of off white mom jeans (€49.99).

These are the perfect summer alternative to the black and blue jeans you’ve been living in all year and will go with loads of bits you already own.

Happily, they’re made from organic cotton meaning they’ll last if you mind them and they’re eco-friendly (ish).

With Committed, Mango is aiming to be a little more environmentally friendly in what it does.

It appears to be emphasising its materials (the brand is aiming to get half of its cotton from sustainable sources by 2022), with less said about issues like production, transport and human labour.

Still, effort is effort so we welcome anyone trying to be better.

Here are some of our other favourite picks from the Committed Collection.


Dress, €69.99


Linen jacket, €89.99


Ribbed top, €19.99


During May, Her will be doing some more #ConsciousBits.

Over the month, we’ll be learning how to re-use more than we buy, examining the sheer amount of waste the planet produces, and considering the many, many benefits of sustainable fashion choices. 

We’ll also be chatting to some people who have made sustainability a priority, while setting ourselves a few environmentally conscious challenges along the way. 

Change is daunting and we’re not perfect, but we can always try to do our bit. Our conscious bit. 

You can follow the rest of the #ConsciousBits series here or follow our Instagram account for more related content. 

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