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27th Nov 2013

There’s A Sparkle In Your Eye – Contacts Lens Jewellery Is A Real Thing

Ah here...

Sorry excuse us, we’ve got something in our eye. Oh never mind, it’s just our contact lens jewellery…

We’ve seen our fair share of completely bizarre inventions in our time. Ideas that have some how come to pass, and caused us to sit back in our chairs and think, “how on earth did they get the funding to make that?” This next item is one of those special things.

Contact lens jewellery is causing a small storm on Reddit today after this image above was uploaded on the site by user BlackCaliber.

After a little bit of research we discovered the creator and found this equally unusual video to accompany Eric Klarenbeek’s  ‘Eye Jewellery Project’.

We’ve a feeling the lady in this video would hold up a good fight in a staring competition.

Reddit users posted some great observations about the item.

“Contacts that impair vision. Perfect.” – TheGottiCat

“Why would you want to have 40 people a day asking you “why are you crying?” – katikiwa

“Imagine if someone slapped you and their hand caught in the string.” – ShlawsonSays

“At least you can’t put it in inside out.” – Rare23

“I’d still manage to put it in backwards.” – SSChicken


All this talk about eyes has us singing along to this absolute classic…

Good woman, Kim Karnes. What does she have? She’s got Bette Davis eyes.