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01st Dec 2018

The €30 cosy Zara coat that will be your new favourite thing on cold mornings

Pippa O'Connor's Zara blouse is the kind of thing we wouldn't pick but looks amazing

It’s finally December.


And while we’re well into coat season already, that hasn’t stopped us from falling head-over-heels for just about every comfy-looking coat out there.

This latest find from Zara is no exception.

Now, normally we would be big advocates for spending a decent bit of money on a good winter coat (if you can). After all, it’s something you will wear for most of the colder days and months that makes up at least 70 per cent of your visible outfit.


But sometimes, a really affordable retailer brings out a bargain that is just too good to resist.

Like this cosy, short faux fur coat from Zara – which is just €29.99. And even better, it comes in two colours: tan and navy.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a bit longer – after all, not everyone is a fan of a short coat – Zara have also released the design in a longer version (also priced at €29.99).

It looks just as comfy and, like the first one, comes in two different colours: tan and burgundy.

Even better, though? It’s the exact same price.

Looking for even more inspiration to update your wardrobe?

Earlier this month, we fell in love with this suede-look one from Zara.

This beauty looks super-expensive and will take you anywhere from day-to-day wear and work to a Christmas party.

It comes in three other shades – khaki, camel and a pale blue – but we just love how girly the blush pink shade is.

It’s also a great transition colour that’ll see you through to spring.

The coat is €29.99 and available now.