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17th Jul 2012

The Big Debate: Designer Versus High Street

Mirror mirror on the wall is designer or high street clothing the fairest of them all? Find out whose arguing for what in the office.

Rebecca McKnight

Rebecca says: High Street

I’m not going to lie to you. I have splurged out on designer clothes and have also said on numerous occasions that you get what you pay for. From my Diesel jeans to my Ted Baker leather jacket I do have and love designer clothes.

However I would also say that, being completely honest, I am a high street girl at heart. After all I can afford high street on a semi-regular basis. Even then I sometimes find the high street is at the top end of my budget and it takes a lot of persuasion from my mum to make me splurge.

Besides, these days, you can get great quality high street clothing that will last you for years. Hello, I still have a pair of Gap Jeans I bought like six years ago. I’m not quite sure what that says about me or my body but hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Also I love the fact that when you go shopping on the high street you can buy a few bits and pieces. With designer you will most likely only be able to buy one piece and that’s at an absolute stretch. Wow, I’ve been to one shop and now I have to go home because my purse is now empty. If you ask me that’s a crime to shopping!

And anyway you might get the designer piece home but will you wear it a lot or at all? Maybe it’s just me but I get anxious worrying that my Miss Selfridge dress is going to get a drink spilt down it or my Irregular Choice heels are going to get dirty, never mind worrying about an Alexander McQueen dress and a pair of Louboutins.

At least if this does happen on a night out, you’re going to be annoyed about you’re high street outfit getting stained but that’s it. If my designer clothes got stained my heart would break into a million pieces and I could get into a very nasty fight with whoevers to blame.

Designer clothing is just not worth the money or the anxiety. Now designer jewellery, that’s a whole other story…


Amy says: Designer

Designer fashion, there’s just something completely intoxicating about it isn’t there? The shapes, the textures, the names – I can’t help but feel fantastic every time I utter the words ‘Chanel’ or ‘McQueen.’

While I am not yet at the point in my life where I can afford to bedeck myself in Louis or Dior every single day of the week, I am happy to argue that when it comes to topic of designer versus high street, there is no contest.

If you told a woman she could have a scarf from River Island or a scarf from the House of McQueen – which one do you think she’d pick?

Designer fashion is a status symbol. It shows people how far we have come. Granted it is a shallow practice to judge people on what they wear, but you just can’t help but notice the woman who power-walks down the street with a pair of Louboutins on her feet or that chick who is rocking some impressive Chanel arm candy.

Okay, now I know that designer labels are expensive. There’s no denying the fact that they cost big bucks, but they are investment pieces. When you buy a designer label, you’re buying something that will last.

It is a known fact that designer clothes are of a higher quality than the stuff you find on the high street. That top you bought in that high street shop? It’s likely to fall apart after six washes. That D&G t-shirt? You’ll have that until you’re in your sixties.

Designer clothes also make you look better. The cuts on designer fabrics are always so much smarter and sharper than high street clothes.

Let’s put it into perspective ladies: high street clothing is mass produced – the aim of the game is to get as much out as possible. In comparison, designer clothing is made with the sole purpose of flattering your body. More attention to detail is given to designer attire.

So the next time you need a new coat? Splurge on the designer one. Not only will you look amazing, you’ll also save yourself some much-needed money when you still have it next winter…and the winter after that…and the winter after that…you get the idea!



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