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03rd Jul 2012

Summer Shoe Trends – Fab Footwear for the Season

We might not have the sunny days. But, while we stare sadly at our flimsy summer dresses left unworn, we'll always have shoes. Check out these footwear trends this summer.

Put those Uggs under the bed and book a pedicure – for summer, it seems, is here.

There’s no guarantee of sun by the sea, and sand around these parts might well be sludge for all but three days of the season, but it’s your opportunity now to at least try out the trends in summer shoes. If you do it while it’s snowing in June, you’re optimistic; by October, you’re only a feckin eejit.

So what’s new when it comes to fab footwear this season? Well…



Wedges? In summer? Really?! I know, I know – you didn’t need us to tell you that. But there’s no harm in a reminder that wedges are always a winner for summer months. You get the leg length benefit a heel gives you but some proper support too, so trekking around Tenerife or kicking back in Kilkee doesn’t have to mean donning dodgy trainers. What’s cool about this season’s wedges though, is a move to all over print instead of the traditional cork-coloured base. Has the potential to turn seriously Spice Girls, but fun nonetheless.

Court Shoes 

After a few seasons of round-toe and platforms taking over every, classic pointed court shoes are back with a bang this year. Come back down to the ground with shoes that are suitable for work but can just as easily take you out to after work cocktails. Asos, Ganni, Dune and Carvela are just some of the brands bringing us gorgeous court’s to choose from for elegance with an edge. 


There’s something about neon clothing that makes far too high a number of women look as though they’re on the way to film an episode of ‘Diary of a Dancing Queen’. Unless you’re one of the lucky few who look more ‘funky’ than ‘frightening’, neon colour pops are best left to accessories. Your shoes are the perfect way to get in on the trend, so every colour of the rainbow is fair game for feet. Try yellow Mary Janes to turn any plain outfit into a summery sensation.

Toe Caps

Toe caps have long been a feature of dance shoes, where they redistribute the weight of the body as if all the toes were of equal length. If the only dancing you do is on a Saturday night in the local though, don’t worry. The toe cap trend this season is purely for show, whether a metal cap, studs, glitter or even spikes. Yves St Laurent and Louboutin led the way on the catwalk, but for the more modest wallet Kurt Geiger and Office have gotten in on the act too. 


God knows how she found the time, in between stints on Made in Chelsea and hanging out on Daddy’s yacht, but Topshop heiress Chloe Green has ‘designed’ a shoe collection to be sold through her father’s stores. CJG stands for Chloe Jade Green, natch, and all shoes bear a green sole in a nod to the family name. It’s totally a take on Louboutin’s famous red soles, but admittedly quite funky nonetheless. After that, expect ridiculously high platforms, studs and lashings of glitter. In fact, the shoes are much more TOWIE or Desperate Scousewives than MIC, which kinda makes us like them a little bit more…