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10th Jul 2012

Shock, Horror! Women Pack More Than They Need For Hols

According to new research women pack more clothes than they get through when heading off on holidays, but we're not all that surprised...

A new study found that women pack more clothes than they really need when heading off on holidays.

The research, commissioned by Bernadette Lusher from F&F Clothing at Tesco, found that the average woman wears 28 outfits during a week-long holiday.

In other words, women go through on average four outfits a day when they are away. The survey also found that one in ten women admitted to wearing up to seven outfits in one day.

That’s without even wearing every item they have packed into their suitcase. But we have to say we’re by no means shocked by these findings. In fact, we completely understand them.

After all you do need to change depending on the activity you are doing. For example you can’t wear what you wore to the beach that day out to a nice restaurant that night.

Aside from that there is also the same pressure for women to look good and dress well on holidays as there is at home. Just because it’s a different country and you’re on holidays doesn’t mean you’re not going to make an effort.

You would spend just as long picking the perfect outfit and getting all glammed up. And how can you do that if you don’t have a sufficient wardrobe to pick from?