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21st Jul 2014

Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Jeans Are A Real Thing That Are About To (Literally) Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

We're divided on this one.


It’s long been known that with a new season, comes a ‘freshening up’ of your wardrobe.

But one Portuguese retailer Salsa has a different plan, now offering fragrantly scented denim skinny jeans.

The colourful skinny-leg jeans are available in a variety of pastel colours, with each shade earning its own fruity scent.

The blue jeans smell of blueberries, the pink skinny style has a refreshing strawberry scent and the yellow wash brings a citrus fresh lemon scent.

The jeans’ fabric have microcapsules woven into their fabric, releasing the scent each time.

The company claim the scent in the jeans will last up to 20 washes – enough to get you through to next season anyway.

Image via Salsa


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