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05th Sep 2019

Sam Smith just rocked a pair of heels on the red carpet and we’re in awe

A king.


Can you remember your first pair of heels? Mine were a pair from Shoe Zone. They had a big, clunky heel and a velcro strap (fashun!) and I wore them all around the place because I thought they were the definition of sophsticated teen.

Trés tragic looking back but, it was a moment I won’t forget. A rite of passage for many if you will.

And yesterday, Sam Smith had his own moment. His first pair of heels moment. As he took to the red carpet for GQ Men of the Year awards in a pair of Shoe Zone heels.

I jk, jk, they were Gucci.


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Absolutely killing the look and standing in awe for his younger self, Sam shared a photo of the boots post-event on his Instagram writing:

“There was a time where I thought I’d never ever ever be able to be myself like this in front of the industry or anyone. It feels so good and I just wanted to share that with you all, and share a picture of my GORJ Gucci heels.”

Continuing he said:

“They’ll always be my virgin heels.”


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What a king.