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05th Sep 2012

Robbie Calls His Fashion Line After A Very Special (Irish!) Person

The popstar has decided to name his fashion line after someone who had a huge influence on his life...

We’ve already heard of world-famous actors like George Clooney and Johnny Depp talking about their Irish roots but now one British music star is taking how he acknowledges his Gaelic heritage to the next level.

British music star Robbie Williams said is naming his new fashion line after his Irish grandfather.

The singer has decided to name his new clothing line ‘Jack Farrell’ after the very important man in his life.

The 38-year-old said he was hugely influenced by his granddad when he was growing up and has decided to pay tribute to him with his stylish new clothing collection.

“He was the first real male figure in my life,” Robbie said.

“He was an honest man. He taught me how to box… The integrity of his influence runs throughout this collection.”

We can’t wait for a few photos as the Take That star has confirmed he signed ‘X-Factor’s smiley Olly Murs to model the Farrell range. 

Great things are expected as Robbie has said he is working on the line with Burberry’s former design director, Ben Dickens.

In other ‘Robbie News’, Ticketmaster has apologised to fans of Robbie after it mistakenly emailed incorrect ticket confirmations to customers as a result of a “database error”.

Fans who were eager to attend over-subscribed gigs in Glasgow and Dublin entered a ballot in the hope they would bag themselves a ticket. But, today Ticketmaster admitted a mix-up caused some fans to be told they were successful, when they weren’t.

The company said fans received confirmation today for the incorrect venue. Customer who applied for Dublin were told they had secured a spot in Glasgow and vice versa.

Ticketmaster promised concert-goers that they are fixing the problem.

Fans entered themselves in the ballots run for the concerts due to the “extraordinary demand for tickets.”