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25th Apr 2013

Revealed: The Average Irish Woman’s Fashion Budget And Style Inspo

Recession or no recession... Irish women are still spending.


Over half of Irish women have admitted to buying new clothes for themselves every month and one in four have confessed to spending up to €2,000 a year refreshing their wardrobes.

Despite 71 per cent of women saying the recession has impacted their spend on clothes, over half of us still do treat ourselves on a monthly basis.

Recession or no recession, style and beauty is still an important part of an Irish woman’s life as 28 per cent of women said they spend between €500-€700 a year on hair and beautician appointments.

Call us cynics, but that’s not a lot of money once you calculate in your hair colour and cuts.

One in four women said they still get all their style and beauty trends info from magazines while 18 per cent say blogs are the way to go.

Vicky B has become Irish women’s number one celebrity style inspiration. 

The internet has become the first port of call for most, as 73 per cent say they have bought their clothes online in the past six months. Only 39 per cent say they invested in beauty products from the web.

Finally, our style inspiration? We labelled the French women the most stylish, ooh lá lá, with Victoria Beckham ranking number one for the celebrities.

Our beloved Amy Huberman ranks second, followed by Olivia Palermo, Kate Middleton and Kate Moss.


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