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08th Dec 2018

Puffer jacket dresses are now a thing, and fashion has officially gone too far

Rebecca O'Keeffe

puffer jacket dresses


Do you love a good puffer jacket in cold weather? Well we have some news for you.

The folks at Moncler have created floor length puffer jacket dresses. 

And we’re not into them. In fact, we’re REALLY not into them.

Shockingly, it actually gets worse.

The dress is currently available on the Moncler website for a £1835. 

So ladies, for the price of a used car, you can get yourself a shiny puffer jacket dress.

We’re a little speechless.

However, if you are into these bad boys (Y THO?), you may be pleased to learn that there are two colour options – blue or pink.

The official description reads:

Moncler Pierpaolo Piccioli, collection no. 1 of the Moncler Genius project, is the collaboration between the Italian designer’s creative genius and Moncler’s tailored sensibility.”

puffer jacket dresses

“Inspired by the Madonnas of the Renaissance, this ethereal dress is created in laquéfabric with a soft down filled core. The classic quilted piece achieves its purest essence, marrying sportswear and Haute couture.”

Also, you can get matching accessories, like long puffer gloves.

You couldn’t make this up!