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04th Jan 2014

PICTURE: You May Want To Avoid Driving In Mayo Today

Not a good day for a nice drive in Mayo...


Grand day for a walk in Mayo. Mostly because you won’t have too many driving options. 

After almost a week of stormy conditions have taken their toll on all parts of the country, reader Olivia Gaughan sent us in this picture from Mayo.

Olivia writes: “I took this today of Tony Ruddy in Belmullet Co.Mayo.

“The road was damaged by our flooding last night and this morning and that was the damage.”

Tony doesn’t seem too perturbed by the state of the road, but we doubt we could say the same for any passing motorists.

Hat Tip: Thanks to Olivia for sending this one our way. If you have any pictures of the storm damage in your area, you can get in touch with us on Twitter here, on Facebook here or you can drop us a line to [email protected].



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