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01st Mar 2018

ASOS is selling a bizarre swimsuit… that you can’t wear in the water

Jade Hayden

asos swimsuit water

Ah, what.

Swimsuits are handy for lots of things – sunbathing, strolling around the beach, lying by the pool… and, oh yeah, swimming.

In fact, swimming is probably what the humble swimsuit is best known for.

A controversial statement, we know, and yet here we are.

It probably goes without saying then that if you buy yourself a swimsuit, you’re going to expect to be able to wear it in the water. That is, after all, its sole purpose.

One company who seemingly disagree with this statement is ASOS because they’re selling garments they are calling ‘swimsuits’ that look like ‘swimsuits’… but you can’t wear them in the water.

Yeah, you did read that correctly – the product details specify it and everything.

The swimsuit in question was brought to our attention by Twitter user Amna, who shared a couple of photos of it online.

Amna questioned whether somebody should inform ASOS how swimsuits works and honestly, we’d be inclined to agree.

The black and white piece is from PrettyLittleThing and it includes a high-cut leg and studded embellishments.

It’s also got a Bardot neck and a nice cut out around the sternum area that looks pretty good on the model here but we’d be inclined to assume that we personally would look ridiculous in such a piece.

No matter how pretty it is on paper.

The swimsuit only gets more notion-y from then onwards though.

Not only can you not wear it in the water, but this swimsuit is dry clean only.

Yep, you literally can’t even wash it in your own water, you need to get someone else to do it for you.

Would you be well?

Still though, it’s a class swimsuit and we can’t deny you’d be absolutely stun lying around the beach wearing it.

Just make sure you don’t go near any water, yeah?

Luckily, PrettyLittleThing also have a load of other swimsuits on ASOS (that you CAN wear in the water).

All is not lost, it seems.