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07th Sep 2016

People are not happy about Vogue trying to bring back kitten heels

They are gone for a reason.

Laura Holland

Kitten heels, like a lot of other fashion trends, are gone for a reason.

Vogue is usually on the ball for new trends and styles but they have left people scratching their heads after their latest fashion advice.

They tried, and ultimately failed, to bring back kitten heels. You know the ones, they have a skinny heel with a height of no more than 1 or 2 inches. They were all the rage when we were younger but luckily some other trends took over.

Pair of black leather sandals

Our Ciara was so annoyed by the kitten heel that she penned an open letter to them a few months back. You can read it here.

Anyway, Vogue gave some advice yesterday where they suggested some jeans to wear with your kitten heels. They opened the piece by saying:

“Oh, the kitten heel. Disregarded by stiletto enthusiasts and considered matronly by others, the most unassuming shoe on the block is often overlooked. If you’ve grown tired of the summer’s go-to slides and are finding yourself in a style slump—hey, it happens to everyone—or are simply looking for a little end-of-season levity, this might just be the heel for you.”

After seeing this on social media people have been taking the absolute piss out of their advice and they are not happy.

They chose the tagline – the littlest heel can make the biggest impact.

To which people responded accordingly: