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18th Nov 2019

Penneys is selling a STUNNING rose gold bar cart for just €35 and we need it desperately



Guys, we know Penneys is a HAVEN for all things fashion.

You can walk in with 50 quid in your pocket, and walk out with a full outfit.

Shoes, accessories and all folks.

Well, if you are a fan of Penneys, then you probably know about their incredible homewear section.

I’m telling you, you could furnish an entire house out of your nearest Penneys, and we’re here for it.

Anyway, one of their most recent offerings comes in the form of a bar cart.

The brand today shared a snap of a rose gold bar cart on their Instagram, and captioned it:

Nobody panic, but *the* bar cart that everyone’s been waiting for might’ve just landed into selected stores… ✨”

“You’re going to want to head over to @primark.home ASAP to find out where you can get your hands on one (for only £30/€35 too!) #Primark #PrimarkHome”


As usual, loads of people have commented on the snap, admiring how fab it was.

“I’d never use it but I want it,” wrote one fan, but we reckon they’d find a use for it.

Another person wrote:

“All your dreams have come true!!”

Anyway lads, if you want one of these, I suggest you act fast – they’re guaranteed to sell out.