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07th Sep 2012

‘Muffin Stop’ Asda Jeans Hit the Shelves Today

The jeans that are said to hide muffin tops and lift bums are hitting the shelves today across Ireland and the UK.

Women across the UK and Ireland will be able to swap their muffin-tops with a pair of ‘Muffin Stop’ jeans today.

High street chain Asda has designed a pair of jeans that are said to deal with the issue known as the muffin top which is associated with low-rise trousers.

The jeans, which cost €22, not only help to smooth out love handles and muffin tops but also lift the bum with in-built support.

Two thirds of women said they didn’t like their tummy area in survey.

It isn’t the first time the Asda clothing label George has created a garment like these. They brought out The Great Bum jeans last year. Don’t think we have to explain that they helped to create a great bum.

Following their success and customer demand, they have now brought out the Muffin Stop jeans which help with both the bum and the tummy areas.

With four colours to choose from and an affordable price tag, these jeans are guaranteed to fly off the shelves but will you be buying them?