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17th Oct 2020

M&S has a new range of alcohol scented candles – and honestly, we need them all

Yes, please!

Winter isn’t winter without having our scented candles lit at home every night, and right now, we are all about these brand new ones from M&S that we happened to come across in-store this week.

Scented with Clementine Gin, Espresso Martini and Spiced Rum, you don’t get more festive smells wafting through your home, that’s for sure. The only problem? They might just leave you rather thirsty for the actual thing!

Perfect as a stocking filler too? For sure!

1. Clementine Gin Candle

“Refresh your home with this sweet and fragrant clementine gin candle. This premium candle releases a powerful burst of lemon, orange blossom and sugary notes. The wick burns consistently for 55 hours with no tunnelling. Fragrance is released until the very end of the burn.”


2. Espresso Martini Candle

“Drawing inspiration from the classic cocktail, our espresso martini candle will fill your home with a delicious scent. This luxury candle features a rich blend of cardamom, cocoa and cedarwood. It has a 55-hour burn time and melts evenly without tunnelling to release its powerful fragrance until the very end.”


3. Spiced Rum Candle

“Perfect to light before festive get-togethers, this spiced rum candle brings a luxe fragrance to the room. It features a blend of notes, including spicy black pepper, warm cedarwood and sandalwood, that are released until the very end of the burn. The wick has a 55-hour burn time and melts evenly to the edges without tunnelling.”