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19th Jan 2018

Merlin’s beard! Alex and Ani add new items to their Harry Potter range

We'll definitely be adding these to our collection.

Keeley Ryan

How gorgeous are these?

We were absolutely enchanted when Alex and Ani first announced last year that they were launching a Harry Potter collection.

The range included everything from their signature charm bracelets to earrings; wrap-around rings and delicate chains inspired by the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

And the products quickly cast a spell on Harry Potter fans, soaring to the top of many holiday wish lists.

It looks like Alex and Ani have now decided to add some new items to the magical range – and we couldn’t be more excited.

Especially since some of them are based off one of our favourite characters (#justiceforHedwig).

The latest additions include an adjustable golden snitch necklace and bracelet, if you fancy showing your dedication to Quidditch.


There’s also a golden snitch wrap-around ring, as well as an owl post one (featuring what we would imagine is meant to be Hedwig?).




The new charm bangle includes the simple, but heartbreaking, phrase that Harry Potter fans will surely remember after all this time: ‘Always’.

But our favourite piece from the collection is the owl post earrings, which feature a letter and a little owl.


The owl post additions are available in gold and silver, while the the golden snitch pieces are a mix of both.

The additions appear to only be available in North America at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted on if and when they make their way to Ireland.