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11th Jul 2015

Love Emojis? LOOK At What’s Just Arrived In Penneys

It just gets better and better.


It just gets better and better. 

Our two favourite things have combined in amazing fashion this week as Penneys have dazzled emoji lovers across the country with their newest t-shirts.

As you already know, we’ve been having great craic with the new website that turns your URLs into emojis and now, things have got even better with these new designs in store.

So do we… especially when we see these t-shirts.

Perfect for festival season or indeed, just a regular weekend out and about, these t-shirts can be snapped up for €8 in Penneys’ stores nationwide.

We LOVE this.

We’ll take three – of each – please.

If that wasn’t enough to tempt you into Penneys, reader Michelle Coutney just sent us in this snap of a Clueless t-shirt that’s just dropped in store.