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31st Oct 2017

The Kate Spade Minnie Mouse collection will surely empty our bank accounts

Too cute for words

Olivia Hayes

Too cute for words.

If you have an obsession with Disney (who doesn’t?), then you’re going to love Kate Spade’s new collection.

Yep, the entire line is filled to the brim with Minnie Mouse, and as well as being incredibly cute, everything is incredibly chic too.

The collection was actually first launched last year, but sold out within a few days, and so, the designer has decided to bring it back again just in time for Christmas.

Of course, the line does not come cheap, with prices starting off at €45 for a stick-on pocket.

Here’s everything you can purchase in the collection:

Minnie Mouse Neeme bag – €370

Minnie Mouse Francis bag – €228

Minnie Mouse Lacey purse – €220

Minnie Mouse clasp bag – €370

Minnie Mouse coin purse – €98

Minnie Mouse iPhone 6 case – €55

Minnie Mouse stick pocket – €45