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05th Aug 2021

Joanna Cooper’s first intimates brand has just dropped

We’ll take it all.

Model Joanna Cooper has just released her first ever brand and it’s full of intimates that are to absolutely die for.

With delays out of her control, the launch is finally here and definitely worth the wait, bring comfort and sexy into one, Joanna knows exactly what she’s doing with this one.

The collection brings us a range of glam pieces including a plunge top, cami, thong and short, in an array of different colours like pink, brown, tan and white.

The ideal basics have something for everyone, with the former Miss Universe is bring Coops to the Irish market after a year of madness.

“I’ve always wanted to start my own fashion brand, but it took the world coming to a standstill before I had the time to dedicate to it. It’s been a long process, but I’ve learned so much and I’m so excited to grow the brand,” Joanna said upon the launch.

“I found since moving to Ireland I’ve been struggling to find good quality, versatile basics – I was always ordering from abroad. I’m so excited to be able to bring Coops the Label to market and hope that not only does everybody love it as much as I do, but that the pieces make the consumer feel sexy and confident.”

Each item in the collection can be mixed and matched depending on your own personal style, allowing you to create your own sets and colour schemes.

Prices range from €12 to €40, and include sizes from an XS to an XXL, catering to all shapes and body types.

And this isn’t all the good news the Derry native has as more collections are set to drop over the next few weeks and months and her band is evergrowing and constantly offering new pieces.

The collection is available to shop now at