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19th Jul 2013

It’s a Blockbusting Solution: Introducing the LEGO Slippers That Aren’t Going to Hurt You When You Step on Them

Your feet are finally safe from harm!

Sick of wandering around the house and accidentally stepping on a stray LEGO brick? Tired of screaming out in pain as the brick sends a shock sensation up your foot?

Don’t worry, ThinkGeek have come up with a block busting solution: LEGO slippers.

No longer will you have the risk of hurting your feet and toesies, oh no. Now you’ll be able to slip your feet comfortably into LEGO blocks. AND the slippers come in two swanky colours.

Watch as Mr Legoman highlights the brilliance of this new footwear:

They look pretty cool. Looks like it’s time to LEGO of our old slippers and invest we reckon!

Pics via ThinkGeek