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04th Oct 2018

It’s 90s hair revival! 6 trends that have made an epic return

Louise Carroll

There are 90s hairstyles some people would rather forget, but to be honest, they STILL make us incredibly happy.

It was a time of great TV, music, fashion, and of course – HAIR! It was a bit wild, but left us in awe and mimicking every look. Coca Cola’s campaign aims to highlight that the original Coke is really just as marvellous as the newer Coke Zero Sugar – hence our fascination with all things nostalgic and beautifully renewed. Here’s the hair that has made a big return and just look at those pics!

1. Curly Hair

Curly haired girls spent years taming that mane – but no longer shall we hide. Thanks to Mariah around the time of her first album release curls were all in. And today, even sleek-haired ladies like Kim are adding an extra kink. LOVE.

2. Sleek and Loose

That’s Gwyneth at the 56th Golden Globe Awards in January 1999. That same sleek look might have had a little revamp, but those tresses on the side are once again being used to shape the face, rather than drag it down. Sleek, especially with a middle parting, is well and truly back.

3. Crimped Hair

Britney, Christina – essentially every it girl of the late 90s went through that crimping phase. Now we have Gigi and plenty of others giving the look a true revival, Beyoncé being a huge fan and having her hair experts create this look a number of times over the last couple of months, with a little extra curl added in.

4. Braids

All kinds of braids. French braids, Dutch braids, Fishtail braids (think Blake Lively and Jennifer Hudson) but there has been a HUGE revival among celebs of Janet’s 1992 do at the premiere of the movie – White Men Can’t Jump.

5. Half Pony

JLo donned the half pony like a champ in 2001’s Love Don’t Cost a Thing. Okay it wasn’t the 90s but it was close enough, right? The look had it’s moment, especially thanks to Jennifer herself, and now, she, the Kardashians and countless Insta huns are LOVING this comeback.

6. Space Buns

Oh, Gwen. Was there anything that woman couldn’t do? Loved then for her free AF spirit and exceptional music talents, she was also renowned for her wild hair. Space buns right here, to be precise. Although our hero doesn’t play about with these anymore, Arianna Grande is one of many who has given the look an all-new lease of life. That’s it, we’re off to give it a try!