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31st Jul 2015

Is This The Key To Walking Comfortably In Heels?!

It all makes sense now!

Although we love our heels and can’t imagine ever giving them up, they can be pretty painful to walk in.

After Ladies Day at the Galway Races yesterday, this Her staffer has sore feet and is determined to make high-heel horror a thing of the past.

While they’re never going to be as comfy as Converse, this expert information should help.

giphyChris Pratt understands

Margaret Dabbs, a podiatrist trained to feel with all foot related issues, recently spoke to Marie Claire and said that “training” your feet is important.

It’s a pretty simple concept: the arch of your foot moulds itself to whatever shape of shoe you wear most often.

Wearing heels regularly helps to build up your arch support and you should find this helps you to walk more comfortably.

Another easy tip is to change the height of your heels as Dabbs says this will keep your “arches supple and feet fit”.
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 13.28.08
We’re just going to leave these Louboutin beauties here…

Changing your footwear throughout the day will also help so even if you have to wear heels for a meeting, keep flats at your desk so you can switch over.

We think this might be the way forward…

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