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01st Aug 2018

Irish Influencer Sinéad Burke has been announced as contributing editor of British Vogue

Olivia Hayes

This is absolutely major.

Sinéad Burke, Irish influencer, writer, academic and advocate has been announced as the new contributing editor of British Vogue.

Sinéad has made massive strides when it comes to advocating for inclusivity in fashion, and made major turns in the industry this year alone.

I’m very, very proud to be a new Contributing Editor to @britishvogue. Thank you so much to @edward_enninful for his extraordinary leadership and to @gileshattersley and @alcaselyhayford for taking a chance on me. My first piece (which is online now) is about my body, disability and our response to difference. . . “We are embarrassed by what we do not know, and we are often aggressive towards anyone who reminds us of our ignorance, or is different to us. Yet, from children’s innocent inquisitiveness we could learn to cultivate an empathy and respect for otherness.” . . [Image description: Sitting and wearing a rather fantastic @burberry blouse – it has a polka dot collar, pussy-bow and cuffs, whilst the remainder is vertical stripes, I’m posing with one hand on my hip and the other on my lap. I’m smiling and my bob is suspiciously like that of another Vogue team-member…. this photo was taken at @scaddotedu.]

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On Instagram, Sinéad confirmed the news, saying: “I’m very, very proud to be a new Contributing Editor to @britishvogue. Thank you so much to @edward_enninful for his extraordinary leadership and to @gileshattersley and @alcaselyhayford for taking a chance on me.

“My first piece (which is online now) is about my body, disability and our response to difference.”

Two months ago, Sinéad featured on the front cover of one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world – Business of Fashion.

OH MY GOODNESS. I had the great privilege and pleasure of speaking with Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex this evening about the importance and power of fashion and the opportunities we’ve both been afforded by @OneYoungWorld. . . A particular honour to be in this moment wearing custom @richardmalone – an extraordinary Irish designer, based in London who believes ‘clothes should fit women, women shouldn’t be made to fit clothes.’ . . An honour to meet HRH. Thank you to the British Embassy in Dublin. . . [Image description: Standing in the grounds of the residence of the British Ambassador with HRH The Duchess of Sussex. She’s kindly balancing on her knees to speak with me and I’m gesturing wildly – with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm.] #RoyalVisitIreland ? @kensingtonroyal

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The issue was called the Age of Influence and no words ring truer than those for Sinéad.

The fashion campaigner has been making waves in Ireland and now has begun to make waves around the world, by using her voice to spread important messages on TED talks and at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where she chatted to the likes of RuPaul, Joe Biden to Oprah Winfrey; one on one.

Her work in making fashion accessible to everyone has been the driving force behind her, and with the images in BoF, she certainly proved it.