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06th Sep 2018

Instagram are creating their own shopping app, and we’re already broke

Rebecca O'Keeffe


*heavy breathing*

Guys, I have exciting news!

The wonderful humans that gave us Instagram are working on a shiny new app, and it sounds incredible!

According to The Verge, the app will let users browse products from brands they follow and purchase them directly within the app.

Sweet lord, that sounds amazing!


The app is still very much in the development phase, and there is no word on when it is due for release.

The creation of this app makes total sense, when you consider their stats.

More than 25 million businesses currently have accounts, with 2 million of them advertising.

Four out of five Instagram users follow at least one business (guilty), so creating this app is a basically going to be a money-making machine for the gram.


Instagram started trialing a shopping feature in late 2016, and rolled it out to a wider market in March of last year.

However, the separate shopping app would be a game changer.

Companies can tag posts with individual products, allowing users to shop directly from photos. Instagram is currently testing a feature that lets users shop from Instagram stories.

We cannot wait for the official release of this baby!