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17th Aug 2012

In Pictures: Miley Cyrus Exaggerates Her Style With New Crop

The popstar showcases her new style with a barrage of photos on Twitter...

Miley mightn’t be letting the paparazzi take pictures of her new crop, but the popstar has no problem in capturing her new style in some self-photos for Twitter.

The dramatic new haircut sees the star exaggerate her punk style and delve deeper into the realms of grunge fashion.

The star’s constant barrage of Twit-pics hasn’t slowed down in the slightest and her more recent photos feature black combat-style boots, brightly-printed leggings, sheer tops, rolled-up denim shorts and baggy lumberjack shirts.

Cyrus’ boyfriend, actor Liam Hemsworth, told ‘Good Morning America’ he is a big fan of his once long-haired blonde girlfriend’s new, less-feminine style.

Miley poses casually with a friend in a dark grey woollen jumper and a silver fang necklace.

The star is willing to show off her new crop in Twitter pics, here bare-faced except for an exaggerated pair of dark eyebrows.

Miley wears a lumberjack shirt and shows off the shortest part of her new ‘do.

The star photographs herself portraying her new ‘punk-like’ attitude.

Cyrus tries to take a poignant shot.. it’s her gold bangles we want.

The star poses in high-waisted denim shorts, heavy biker boots and a baggy black slouch top. Eh, Miley, maybe put down the camera for a minute and clean up a bit first though…?

Miley gets another go of her biker-boot look, this time a black pair teamed with a monochrome pinafore dress.

The star shows off her legs in a fabulous pair of printed leggings, sheer white top with black bikini bra and her black biker boots. Fierce stuff Miley…