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02nd Jul 2018

Hurrah! Penneys is expanding its size range to 24

Olivia Hayes

Taking steps in the right direction.

Penneys has long been a love of ours, so we’re totally delighted to hear that the retailer is making itself more inclusive.

Coming into action over the coming months is a new range of sizes. The store has switched from numbered sizing (8,10,12, etc) to S, M, L options, and is now even further expanding this to include XXS (UK4) to XXL (UK24).

Primark spoke to Pretty52 about the new sizing, saying that it is starting to “trickle” into stores already.

“We have updated our sizing for a more comfortable fit – we will be grouping sizes into S/M/L etc, rather than 8/10/12 etc.

Credit: Primark

“The new sizing is trickling into stores now and will be used for a small amount of lingerie plus a large selection of womenswear including: Jumpers, cardigans, jersey tops, sports tops, casual bottoms, workout apparel, shorts (not denim shorts), light jackets and some swimwear.”

Louise McSherry, an advocate for body positivity took to Twitter this morning to share her delight with the news, saying that it’s a great step in the right direction.